Article 7

Article 7
In Indiana, Article 7 is the set of rules and regulations that special education professionals have to abide by.  While many children may have a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, separate evaluations are generally required in order for a student to receive special education services under the eligibility category of "Autism Spectrum Disorder". 

You can find the full text of Article 7 here:
Article 7 - December 2014 (opens in a new window)

However, the following is a brief overview of how public schools determine eligibility under the category of "Autism Spectrum Disorders".

Eligibility for ASD is determined by the case conference committee.  This is based on an evaluation that should include the following assessments:

-current academic achievement
-functional skills or adaptive behavior across environments
-receptive, expressive, pragmatic and social communication skills
-motor skills and sensory responses

Evaluation procedures also usually include review of social-developmental history, systematic observations across environments and any other assessments that the case conference committee deems necessary.

Article 7 states that the eligibility criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder includes:

-the disability is generally evident before the age of 3
-significantly effects nonverbal, verbal, or pragmatic communication and social interaction skills
-results in an adverse effect on the student's educational performance

Other characteristics may include engagement in repetitive actions or stereotypic movements, resistance to changes in environment or routines, and unusual response to sensory experiences.

Autism spectrum disorder does not apply if a student's educational performance is adversely affected primarily by:  

-an emotional disability;
-blindness or low vision;
-deaf-blindness; or
-a cognitive disability;
unless the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder are demonstrated to a greater degree than is normally attributed to these disabilities.

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